Here is a list of Success Questions and Answers.

  • Why do people go on LinkedIn?

  • I gave some practical examples when I asked my LinkedIn connections, such as finding a job, but I was surprised by the number of people that are on LinkedIn to help others! This article is related to my LinkedIn Success Stories article (click here).

  • What are the best resources for Success?

  • This question was actually asked of me by the editor of the new Success magazine, and I forwarded it along to my LinkedIn network. There are about 40 responses, some better than others.

  • How do you Motivate Yourself for Success?

    I have a whole article written here about Motivation – how to maintain in while living real lives, ones that are interrupted with stress and bills etc.

    I knew my LinkedIn members would have tons of different strategies on maintaining motivation, so I asked them for feedback. I got back a plethora of responses, and for the most part, they’re insightful and helpful. Don’t miss out on this article!

  • What are the Three Common Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs?

    Find out what it takes to be successful! I outline what is necessary and crucial on your journey to success, such as Goals, Meaningful Actions, PMA.

    My LinkedIn network had trouble limiting themselves to only 3 habits – read this article to see how you compare to their idea of an entrepreneur.

  • How Has Coaching Helped Your Succeed?

    Here are some first-hand testimonials about the efficacy of success coaching, in case you had any doubts.

  • What Do You Think About Success Magazine?

    Read my in-depth review of the inaugural magazine here.

    Some members of my LinkedIn community also read the magazine and wanted to voice their opinion on it and my review. Make sure to read what the SUCCESS magazine publisher had to say in response to my comments here.

  • How Has Enthusiasm Helped You Be Successful?

    Click here to see how I apply enthusiasm to each law of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success.

    There is no denying that enthusiasm is important for one’s success. My LinkedIn members couldn’t agree more – read their comments.

  • How Do You Overcome One Of Napoleon Hill’s 30 Reasons For Failure?

    Many businesses face the same problems, and this article contains a lot of advice on how to manage them.

  • When the going gets rough, how do you deal with feelings of desperation?

    Read George Lucas’ amazing story about creating American Graffiti, reprinted with my comments here.

    LinkedIn members discuss the various ways they overcome desperation in order to succeed here.

  • Tell Us A Story About How Self Confidence Helps You Become Successful

    Click here to see my views on Self-Confidence.

    This is what my LinkedIn network had to say about it.

  • How Does Adult Learning During Leisure Time Help You Succeed?

    My LinkedIn Network might have different ideas of “leisure time” than you do. Click here to see what helps them succeed.

  • Which New Thought Writers Do You Recommend? e.g: Wattles and Haamel

  • How Do Having Written Goals Help You Succeed?

    I have written a detailed article about Setting and Achieving your goals. You can read it here.

    If you need more proof about the power of having goals, click here to see what LinkedIn members had to say.

  • Where Can I Share A Flash Lecture

  • Tell Us How You Solve Problems to Become Successful

    This article contains many problem-solving strategies, but most of them begin with “Know what the problem is.” Read how my LinkedIn network accomplishes this.

  • Groups, Groups, Groups – Tell Us About Your Groups!

  • Tell Us A Story About How You Manage Time To Succeed

    This article contains links to Brian Tracy and Orison Swett Marden time-management theories. My own personal system involves the use of Goals, and my LinkedIn members contributed other strategies.

  • Tell Us Which Success Oriented Writers Do You Think We Should Read And Why?

    Ok, you all know about the authors that I write extensively about on this website, but who does my LinkedIn newtork want you to read. See who they think is will influence your life for the better.

  • Tell us A story how a Positive Mental Attitude helped you become Successful

    I explain PMA to be about rational thought, but my LinkedIn connections had other ideas. See what I mean by clicking here.

  • What Are High Tech Companies and Organizations doing to create business in Australia/New Zealand markets?

  • What Are High Tech Companies and Organizations doing to create business in Australia/New Zealand markets?

  • Tell Us How Faith Has Helped You Become Successful?

    Faith is a very common answer to any of my LinkedIn Questions that I ask – so I decided to directly address it. Read all the answers here.

  • How are American’s handling their feeling of insecurity now that the Canadian Dollar is worth so much more.

  • Tell Us What Success Technique You Use To Keep Your Life In Balance

    If you are on this site, you already know about my Success through Balance philosophy. Read this article to get a picture of other people’s strategies.

  • Tell Us About How A Failure Helped You Succeed

    I used my own personal failure story to get to where I am today. This is a pretty inspirational article, as my LinkedIn members have similar stories.

  • Why Does A Large LinkedIn Network Help You Be Successful?

    I have many articles on this site extolling the benefits of having a large network, and you can click here to read a summary of those. Also make sure to read what LinkedIn members think about this networking tool.

  • Tell us how writing helped you become successful.

  • Please Tell Us An Interfaith Success Story!

    I teach a course at the local YMCA, and I realized what a lesson in Interfaith success that is. So I asked my LinkedIn network if they had any of their own to share. Read some amazing stories about tolerance.

  • Can you tell me a LinkedIn Success Story?

    This is a must read for anyone with doubts about the powerful tool that LinkedIn is. I put up a question and got back amazing stories from my network…about networking.

  • How has being an Elance helped you Succeed?

  • Do You Want To Connect With Other Canadians? Join LinkedIn Toronto and LinkedIn Canadians

  • Do You Want To Join LinkedIn Marathoners?

  • Tell Us A Story About How Giving Back (volunteering or other ways) Has Helped You Succeed?

    My definition of “giving back” has sometimes been considered controversial. If you want to read it, and also how LinkedIn members are convinced of their own strategies, click here.

  • Tell Us A Story About How Perseverance has helped you Succeed

    A collection of stories of how people persevered in their pursuit of success.

  • Tell Us The Story Of How You Changed To Success (e.g: Divorce, Family Death, Health, Religion)

    Are you interested in becoming successful? If you are unsure how to go about doing this, then read this article on changing to success.

    Read 18 fascinating case studies about how people changed to success.

  • What Do You Repeat Every Day (week, month) To Make You Successful?

    I find that repeating one action daily is a powerful strategy for success, and apparently my LinkedIn connections agreed with me. See their answers here.

  • The Four Hour Work Week – Tell Us Your Virtual Assistant Success Story

  • Tell Me A Success Story About How You Generate Readership For Your Blog?

    This article contains 27 different suggestions to generate blog readership, and I summarize them for you.

  • Are You A Canadian Company With Sea/Amphibious Military Applications?

  • Have you thanked LinkedIn For Adding Postal Code Searches For Canada?

  • How does Marathon Running Help You Succeed In Business?

    LinkedIn members astounded me with the variety of answers they provided to this question. I summarize them for you at the beginning of this article.

  • Is there a Marathon runner’s group in LinkedIn?

  • Data Centres and The Environment – What are the issues and opportunities?

    I learned a lot about this topic by simply asking my LinkedIn network. All the information is contained in this article.

  • What is your best referral system?

    After reading Jay Abraham’s book on referrals, I asked my LinkedIn network for some advice, and this is what they told me. Look for one member’s innovative approach to using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

  • How Does One Get Distribution For A Piano Teaching Methodology

  • How Do I Introduce Western Style entrepreneurial skills Into countries like Malaysia, Russia, India, China, Philippines, etc.

  • How Do I Introduce Western Style entrepreneurial skills Into high growth countries like Malaysia, India and China?

  • What can Software Companies do to improve business processes for IA (Investment Analysts) in Financial Services?

  • How can Canadian Financial Institutions become more customer centric?

  • Looking For Thoughts On Helping Canadian Manufacturing Companies Compete?

  • What has been your experience with measuring Lead Generation?

    This article details my thoughts on Lead Generation after culling all the information I could on it.

    I asked a LinkedIn Question on this topic, and the answers I got back were very valuable and packed with information. They are included here.

  • Experiences with LinkedIn Business Accounts

  • Looking for Oil and Gas Executives in Calgary

  • How do I identify Companies that need short term financing between 250,000 and 1,000,000?

  • Do franchiser’s provide Sales and Marketing Training and Coaching to Franchisee’s?

  • What are some ways for law firms to improve a) Their billable hours, b) gain control of their knowledge management

  • Competing against foreign competitors? How are Canadian manufacturing executives creating value for their customers? What do we need to do differently?”

  • Have you been a member of BNI, Le Tip or other similar groups?

  • What Has Been Your Canadian LinkedIn Experience?

  • What does “Growth in a New Flat World mean to you and why?

  • I hate cold calling. I want potential customers to call me. What should I do today?

    Read this article to discover 3 ways to ensure your customers call you everyday, thus eliminating the need for cold calling. Also included is a link to my helpful tips on Outbound Calling.

  • What solutions are available to address staff and facility shortage in Calgary?

    This article is exactly what it sounds like – my LinkedIn members offering potential solutions to this staff shortage dilemma in Calgary.

  • When a company wants to do a major relocation (over 250 employees) what are the major issues of concern?

    I got a lot of great responses from my LinkedIn network, and I summarized them here

  • Who else is addicted to Napoleon Hill or The Secret?

    I have written extensively on my site ( about Napoleon Hill and The Secret. I sought out others who have read his material to find out what their experiences have been.

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