Excerpt from “Maximum Achievement” – By Brian Tracy

Self-esteem and self-respect are the foundation qualities of the truly healthy personality. Everything you do to raise your own self-esteem contributes to making you a happier human being. No matter how low your self-esteem is when you begin, you can ratchet it up one notch at a time, like jacking up a car, by doing some of the things we talk about in this series.

When looking for a job, your self esteem takes a beating. Its hard being rejected all the time. But you need to realize and accept that you are not being rejected. There are many reasons other people may be selected before you, the simplest and most common is that the resume of the person selected for the job arrived first and they were interviewed before you. As soon as I have found a candidate that is a perfect fit, I stop interviewing. I have more important things to worry about.

You can speak to yourself positively all the time. You can visualize yourself as the very best person you can possibly be. You can fill your mind with positive messages of hope and inspiration. You can associate with happy, optimistic, goal-oriented people. You can organize every part of your life to continually reinforce good feelings about yourself.

This is critical to success and you should be doing this all the time.

The more you like or love yourself, the more you will like and love other people. The amount of love and respect you have for others, and they for you, is in direct proportion to how much love you have for yourself.

The Law of Reversibility states that, just as feelings lead to actions, actions also lead to feelings. If you do and say the things that are consistent with loving yourself, it won’t be long before you actually feel positive and loving toward yourself. If you do and say the things that are consistent with your desired results, the results will materialize around you. Love it is catalyst that activates the very best that is in you, and in the people and situations around you.

The only true measure of your beliefs is your actions. It is not what you say, or what you wish or hope that counts, but only what you actually do. It’s actions, not words, that count. And there are several specific things you can do that combine to build within you the feelings of high self-esteem and self-regard that make everything else possible.

Some things you can do today.

  1. Make sure you use positive self talk. Tell yourself about how successful you are.
  2. Review 3 things that have been successful doing this week.
  3. Stop hanging around negative people. They don’t help you. People who are “Realistic” are never successful. Every successful person is a dreamer. They create a dream and take action each day to make the dream come true.

These 21 Job Hunter Success Tips have been adapted from articles by Brian Tracy.

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